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  • Location: Windsor Park Baptist Church
  • Meets: When Required
  • Contact Person: Grant Harris

What is Membership? We’re glad you asked! Membership is agreeing to our Members Pledge, vowing to keep growing and participating in the local church. Membership is pledging to stick with and commit to Windsor Park, intentionally choosing to contribute and be part of our Windsor Park community. 

Members work together to discern what Jesus is saying to our community and how we should respond together to the challenges in front of us; depending on each other and committing to living in a way that makes people take notice.

As part of Membership you will be pledging to our Members Pledge, promising to:

  • Live in a way that reflects your faith as a follower of Jesus
  • Be an active part in the life and ministry of Windsor Park
  • Regularly attend church and being willing to volunteer and help out where you can
  • Praying for the church
  • Generously contributing to the church according to your means
  • Deepening and enriching the spirit of fellowship in our community by loving one another and getting to know others
  • Witnessing and sharing your faith
  • Allowing the Spirit of God to grow His character in you by participating in spiritual disciplines that help you grow deeper and wider in His love and grace

If Membership is something that you would like to commit to or find out more about, get in touch via the Interest form and we will send you some more information.

Interested in Membership? Get in touch!