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  • Location: Windsor Park Baptist Church

Being a Baptist church, we’re big believers in baptism by immersion! 

Baptism is a public statement of faith and obedience that symbolises your commitment to place Jesus in the centre of your life; it can be described as an outward symbol of an inward commitment.

What is baptism by immersion? Well, in Romans 6:1-11, Paul (an influential early Christian) explains how baptism identified a Christian with the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus. Going underwater signifies Jesus’ death and burial, and coming out of the water signifies His resurrection. When we get baptised by immersion, we are essentially saying goodbye to our old self and hello to our new self, transformed and renewed by Christ!

If baptism is something that you would like to know more about, or something you would like to participate in, get in touch via the Interest form and we will send through some more information!

Interested in getting baptised or want to know more? Get in touch...